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Meet Khoa - proving there are no limits to life beyond adversity

When I first met Khoa in the seventh grade I instantly took a liking to him. He was seemingly always happy and as far as I was concerned, he didn’t have a bad word to say about anybody. He was the kind of kid you wanted to be friends with; a happy go with the flow guy that just engendered laughter and smiles. In fact, that was the one thing I always remembered about him from our high school days – the smile; no motive, no malice just a happy smile. Years had passed since we both graduated high school and went our separate ways, so I was taken aback when I saw him over a decade later at a...

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Sometimes we get too comfortable,lost in the hustle and bustle of day jobs and living a routine life.Day to day it's a repetitive grind to make an earning that's just enough to live.But ask yourself this, are you really living if you forget your sense of individuality?Unfortunately we're all forced to knuckle down and work to survive. That's just what's considered normal but what shouldn't be regarded as normal is forgetting what makes you, well you.We all have at least that one thing that calms us down, that puts the soul at ease.It sometimes gets lost,forgotten or swept into the corner just to be replaced by the 9-5 and overshadowed by excuses such as "there's no time".But is there really...

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Kat Williams - Pro Skater, inspirational woman

Meet Kat Williams. Kat is a pro skater who has been on the scene for over a decade. She took up skate boarding when she moved to adelaide in her youth and has never looked back. We were lucky enough to be given an insight into Kat's world to see what makes this extreme sports star tick. AYP: Kat when did you start skating and why? KW: I started skating on the Holidays between grade 7 and 8. My brother skated and I idolized him so I always wanted to do anything he did. Then I moved to Mount Barker and they just built a brand new skate park so it all fell into place. I met some friends, started...

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