Sometimes we get too comfortable,lost in the hustle and bustle of day jobs and living a routine life.
Day to day it's a repetitive grind to make an earning that's just enough to live.
But ask yourself this, are you really living if you forget your sense of individuality?

Unfortunately we're all forced to knuckle down and work to survive.

That's just what's considered normal but what shouldn't be regarded as normal is forgetting what makes you, well you.
We all have at least that one thing that calms us down, that puts the soul at ease.

It sometimes gets lost,forgotten or swept into the corner just to be replaced by the 9-5 and overshadowed by excuses such as "there's no time".
But is there really no time for happiness?

On that note,
I'd like to introduce d.j, local rapper, husband, father and downright good bloke and mate Jeff aka "J-neri".

Just like us "J-neri" works a 9-5 to support his family but along side that he hasn't forgotten about his love for hip-hop and music creation.
Striving to perfect his craft while we sleep, let us all take a page out of his book and not abandon the little things that inspire,challenge and reward on a deeper level.

Growing up in the southwest suburb of Liverpool, Australia.
J-neri took to music at an early age. First starting off with "d.j-ing" and music production.

He studied the craft and perfected it to the best of his abilities, although not cutting himself short he soon turned to lyrical writing. Fusing both his own melodies and self written rap lyrics. Combining the two together was a recipe for success.

As he continued on this creative path; with support from and collaborations with like minded artists various tracks were produced and released via an array of social media.

Having made quite an impression on underground "Aus hip-hop" enthusiasts he has since built a small loyal fan base.

We love local talent so it was a pleasure to have had the chance to kick back and have a chat with J-neri.

AYP - So what's new man it's been awhile, any recent gigs lately?

J - NERI - Oh man not too long ago i just did the kerser Sydney tour, shout out to kerser!.Packed out mad vibe crazy gig, it's just good to be back up on the decks.

AYP - Awesome man good to see you having some fun there!

J - NERI - Yeah definately, dad life too, shout out to my little girl and the Mrs but also still working on my music whenever I can.

AYP - Haha can't forget the fam! So how do you think the Aussie hip hop scene is looking at the moment, any progression?

J - NERI - Yeah I think it's definately progressed, there's more exposure overall and less difficult to put yourself out there now. It seems that the international influence has also come across and there are a lot more eyes on the country too.

AYP - Who or what are your influences?

J - NERI - I'm an 80s kid. So east coast hip hop you know...Big L, Nas, Big pun. Some newer artists like Chris rivers etc but I'm not really down with the "mumble stuff" personally. I prefer the old boom bap style and also a bit of west coast vibes in the mix.

AYP - Good stuff, Lastly any words or advice for aspiring artists out there?

J - NERI - Take criticism, put the work in.. it's easier these days to get yourself out there but you have to take the good with the bad. Learn from your mistakes and always aim to improve, perfect your craft!.

AYP - Wise words, thanks for taking the time to chat with us man we're looking forward to hearing some new material.

J - NERI - Thanks for having me, I'm currently working on some new tunes in the shadows but that's all I'll give away for now!





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