START THEM ENGINES & GRAB YOUR MATES! - Sydney's "secret spots" that are worth the drive!

Picture this, you are at home with your flat mates or your partner and you are trying to find somewhere to go once lockdown is lifted. Even though state borders are a no-go, there are some stunning places around the Sydney CBD area that are worth the drive. Here are 5 spots you need to go see once restrictions are lifted, or check out on your next cheeky sickie!

1. PADDINGTON RESERVOIR GARDEN"Paddington Reservoir HDR" image by David Lochlin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Paddington reservoir garden is a heritage listed "urban park" located on Oxford St, Paddington. This idyllic park features a jungle of different hanging plants and a striking water feature. When you find this area, make sure to take a few snaps with it's aesthetically pleasing surroundings, you know FOR THE GRAM!. 

2. FORGOTTEN SONGS"Forgotten Songs, Angel Place, Sydney" image by mertie. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This place is something out of a movie. You will find in Martin Place, a lane suspended with multiple bird cages that is now shown as an art installation for the forgotten native species and extinct breeds that were forced out of their cages by European settlement.

3. WENDY'S SECRET GARDEN"Lavender Bay and Wendy's secret garden" image by Martin7d2 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Tucked away in Lavender Bay sits a peaceful and serene spot, The views overlook the Harbour Bridge and showcase our stunning Sydney waters even on a cloudy day. Your friendly four legged friends are also permitted  in this garden but must be on a leash!


One of the hardest finds in Sydney that only locals know about. Kutti Beach is small but filled with lots of harbour views and palm trees. It's a very relaxed and quiet spot, so you can go there in any season to relax, kick back and soak up that me time.

 There you go!, some prime spots which are sure to satisfy on your next adventure. Hit 'em up and stay safe!!.

Original blog post by : Naomi Gamwalla

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