Hello I'm Dave,
Founder of AS YOU PLEASE CLOTHING COMPANY. Being a 90's kid, skateboarding, break-dancing, dance & music played a massive role in my life from early childhood continuing on until now. Pretty much anything that allowed creativity with no rules, I wanted a piece of...even fashion.
I've always had an interest for street-wear due to the sheer fact that you could express yourself without having to say one word. I would automatically gravitate towards the brands that represented a way of life which was relatable to me. It wasn't so much about having the 'in' piece by the 'in brand' at the time, or even fitting in, but more so seeing these brands for what they stand for i.e. the sub culture they represented.
Having a sister who shared my love and appreciation for arts and culture and fashion meant many conversations were had about collaborating on a project where we could indulge in our creativity whilst celebrating those very elements in the world around us. And that's how AS YOU PLEASE CLOTHING CO was born.Taking cues from various influences lifestyles and subcultures our aim is to be more than just a brand but a part of you and what you represent.